Donna Statham  (thats Me)  is the photograher and owner of Statham Photography  - 

a home based photography studio in Childress, Texas. 

My home and studio are right across the alley from each other so my commute is not a hard one. 

I love photographing people.  I want to capture your smile.... your expressions.... what makes :)


My family:  My husband is David Statham. We have 3 boys - Scott,  Shane & his wife Ashley, and Will

and his wife Harlie.

My whole family helps me at times in the studio  -  whether it be holding the reflector, 

chasing bunnies (for the Easter portraits), trying to get real  smiles or

helping with sports photos.  I could not make it without them!



Portraiture, School, Events, Sports/Action, Wedding and Engagement photography